Nota bene #5

On Netflix, HBO, and the economics of video consumption in a post-broadcast world.

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  1. Peter Varhol says:

    Ah, Felix, I would like to swear at you. You are an Old Person, which necessarily makes me, at least a decade older, downright ancient. Yet I know that I am in my early middle ages.

    Regarding your query of whether we of a certain age resent the younger generations (I won’t necessarily say smarter, which implies an innate trait, but I will say better and more broadly educated), I can only speak for myself and say absolutely not. They are truly are future, and I’m sure are reaching up to grasp that future with confidence. I rather think that the generational differences in voting (and those are nowhere near absolute) are economic, rather than age-based. How many coal miners, steelworkers, construction workers, and the like were put out to pasture on early social security or disability, like they were disposable?

    Much more to be said here, and I will refer to to a post of mine from a few days ago:

    More to say on Netflix and the future of entertainment, probably even more than I can reasonably get into a subsequent post. Happy holidays, Felix and all.

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