Why I’m betting $100 that Hillary Clinton will be a one-term president

The Republicans might be a mess right now, but they will be much more powerful, and just as angry, in four years’ time. And there’s nothing the Democrats can do to stop them.

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2 Responses to Why I’m betting $100 that Hillary Clinton will be a one-term president

  1. Robert Hurley says:

    The demographics are against your bet. The angry white makes will
    Constitute even less of the vote four years from now. Her chances will
    Depend on the state of the economy; not on the state of mind of white males

  2. EMichael says:

    “Frustrated with broken promises, [Trump voters] gave up on the knowable and went with the unknowable.”

    I’ve heard this meme for over a year now, and I think it misses badly in terms of being thee truth. There is not very many Trump voters out who did not vote for every GOP candidate their entire lives.

    These people are not new to elections. They have been there all along. They are the birchers who sunk into the woodwork after Goldwater, but they are still there. They were renamed as the Tea Party and began to dominate the GOP as soon as a black man became President. Of course, that was accomplished largely with the money provided by the Koch Brothers, who not coincidentally had a pretty strong family history with the John Birch Society. They are not going to grow in numbers, they are going to decline. Their “frustration” is just a screen for their real beliefs.

    Now, there is a solid chance that Clinton may only have one term, and for all the reasons you describe. But in my opinion, that will be more likely to happen if the progressive wing of the Dem Party continue on bashing policies that occur because we live under the Constitution, as opposed to the wishes of the “neo-liberals” they constantly attack.

    I had hoped that Sanders finally figuring out Politics 101 and running as a Democrat would lead some of these people to figure out Politics 101, but it would appear to me they like to yell and scream instead of think.

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