The Davos Again Edition

Slate Money broadcasts from the World Economic Forum in Davos with Quartz reporter Jenny Anderson.

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  1. Richard Lawless says:

    44 Senate Democrats and 2 Independents Senators Request Bankruptcy
    For Puerto Rico in Spite of Massive Corruption & Mismanagement

    Over the past few weeks all of our Congressmen and Senators were provided with copies of Forensic Audits and Puerto Rico Legislative Reports showing enormous maleficence and mismanagement in Puerto Rico.
    As much as 11 billion dollars of the islands total debt of 72 billion dollars was issued fraudulently. In spite of having this information, 46 of most esteemed political leaders are asking for bankruptcy protection for the island. Bankruptcy would limit some of the recourse Americans would have to recover billion is losses from the Commonwealth. To make matters worse, these very same Senators want to reward this behavior with additional financial aid (tax payer dollars) while putting a moratorium in place to limit lawsuits against the island.
    People ask why Americans are so angry with their Political Leadership in Washington. Here is a good example.

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