Apple hasn’t solved the smart watch dilemma

If Apple manages to come up with a thin, waterproof watch which I can wear comfortably under a shirt cuff, one where I can tell the time just by looking at it, without having to recharge it twice a day, then I’ll be interested.

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7 Responses to Apple hasn’t solved the smart watch dilemma

  1. Michael Swan says:

    I am not looking for gratuitous promotion from your site, but wanted you to know that our company has a working solar recharging solution for wearables / cell phones / tablets etc.

    We have 6 years of R&D focused on powering CE products and are now heading to market with our patented solution after plenty of testing and approval by industry CE leaders.

    If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them directly


  2. Ed says:

    link to Medium doesn’t work. (or ironically, maybe it does: “Sorry, but nothing exists here.”)

  3. paulbtucker says:

    Aaaand I totally messed that HTML tag, didn’t I?

  4. Andrew Curry says:

    I think the link to the article in Medium is broken?

  5. Felix says:

    thanks fixed

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