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I left Reuters, and I’m not sure when or whether I’m going to have any kind of regular blog at Fusion. And in my new promiscuous life, it’s not going to be very easy to keep track of everything I’m doing. Which means that there’s now a job for felixsalmon.com to do! I’ll probably still post things here occasionally, but I’m also going to use this blog to link to everything else I’m doing at other places. Which has the benefit that this blog’s RSS feed will also serve as an RSS feed for everything I’m doing.

So! In recent weeks, I’ve written these pieces:

I’ve also started my weekly podcast for Slate. So far there have been four episodes:

  • The Debut of Slate Money: On the upcoming IPO of Chinese Web giant Alibaba, the battle between Sotheby’s auction house and its Dan Loeb, and Seattle’s possible move to a $15 minimum wage.
  • The Unbearable Modesty of Tim Geithner: On Tim Geithner’s Stress Test, why Christine Lagarde isn’t speaking at Smith College, and how student debt impacts the housing market.
  • Ben Bernanke’s Big Payday: On Credit Suisse’s guilty plea, how reparations to descendants of slaves might work, and whether it’s appropriate for former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke to accept six-figure speaking fees.
  • Money and the Media: On Apple’s purchase of Beats, Amazon’s fight with Hachette, and Thomas Piketty’s defense of his data.

Do subscribe to the podcast directly, if you’re into such things, and leave a rating on iTunes. It’s a great way to help people discover it. Thanks!

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  1. Todd says:

    Felix, you are awesome. But you just ruined the only reason I ever had to use yahoo pipes! PIPES!!

    (I built a pipe combining/filtering medium, vox, and this site)

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