When bloggers go offline

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  1. Roger Fox says:

    Cool – just remember that you are the architect of the best, most unique topical/intellectual experience on the web IMO. Gonna walk away from that, are you?


  2. Ed Cone says:

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere else, but what is the story behind the prolonged outage at Reuters?

    What kind of technical issue knocks a big chunk of a major media website offline for such a long time? And if it is technical, why not workaround it with a redirect to a temp site?

  3. Jeremy Fox says:

    @Ed Cone:

    a bit of googling indicates that the Reuters blogging platform was hacked, apparently by some Middle Eastern group. Apparently it’s taking Reuters a while to fix it. I know nothing about the technical ins and outs, and so have no idea how long it “should” take to fix a hacked website…

  4. matthew says:

    so, what’s an addict to do?

  5. mpr says:

    I must also congratulate Felix on the quality and volume of his work. There’s a big Internet out there, and I have limited spare time every day, but I can’t think of any other blogger that I would spend 15 minutes on, figuring why I stopped seeing emails come in, find the outage, find Twitter account, go to personal blog, and write a remark about. It’s really, really awesome work. I would like to see a blog post on Felix’s work style, to understand how several thousand quality, thoughtful words come together, day after day.

  6. Todd says:

    I share the same sentiment as @mpr. There aren’t many other blogs I would go out of my way for. Not that I consider a google search and a personal blog comment ‘out of my way’ but I’d certainly be willing to go further! Paywalls, ninja guards, physical media (!!), etc.

    The quality and quantity of Felix’s work is amazing and I really hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  7. alex says:

    I agree with Todd and MPR. I definitely don’t always agree, and sometimes I think that, with Felix, the need to say something interesting can overtake the need to say something accurate, but with that in mind he’s still a force for good, and one of only three bloggers I read. I hope he gets a good rest!

  8. ethan says:

    I agree with the comments above, the volume, rigor and overall quality of your work is quite impressive, which is why your blog is always the first I check/read on a given day. I hope everything gets sorted out quickly.


  9. Roger Fox says:

    @ Alex – IMO your analysis is factually accurate, but it understates a part of Felix’ talent: AIUI he (rightly IMO) views his role as being the initiator of a conversation, not the last word in it. From this perspective, it is perhaps a virtue that not every OP leaves no room for other inputs or corrections. And when it come to unique angles and topical issues to start a conversation – he’s the best there is, simple as that. His stature on the web is evident and speaks for itself.

    Don’t even want to think about a ‘worst case’ scenario for this matter.

  10. Robert says:

    It seems that the bloggers used a different program (WordPress) to attach to their regular site format.


    I don’t know if that is completely to blame, being one of the reporters Twitter accounts was also hacked. I know too little about hacking to see how that could happen.

    Other bloggers are using the regular format to blog in , but it doesn’t have the same readability as the usual Reuters blogs.

    I will join the commenters above in saying you are missed Felix. You are one of the few bloggers I would feed in and read, and the counterparties info you compiled was the best, so I hope that you will return and soon!

  11. y2kurtus says:

    I miss ya Felix… I’m thanking god the markets have been quiet for the last week. If something real happens in Europe you better call the geek squad from bestbuy… sounds like they have some time available!

    Tight lines until you get back!

  12. QCIC says:

    Don’t you mean that you’ll be back “for reel” soon?

  13. FifthDecade says:

    Felix, as so many have already said, you are one of those rare bloggers who is simply brilliant. I actually get withdrawal symptoms when you aren’t writing. Like many others, I came across this site by actually getting out there are looking (it wasn’t hard, but I don’t do that and haven’t done that for any others).

    I suppose your absence from Reuters has nothing to do with it being election year and your comments mostly being negative for the GOP? For those getting wanting a bit of light relief from politics, listen to this interview between Tea Partyier Right Wing talk show Radio Host Michael Graham and the President of Ireland. Classic!

  14. Ed Cone says:

    I understand there were security issues with the site.

    But I find the duration of the outage to be bizarre for an organization of Reuters’ stature, and the lack of explanation at the site to be even more so.

  15. strawmn says:

    Indeed, let me second (or third, or fourth, and etc) the commentators here: You’ve been missed! There are many excellent bloggers on the web, but none who cover the same best as Felix, in the same way. Hurry back!

  16. Robert says:

    It was really aggravating to see Gawker’s Bain documents dump and see other bloggers use your “stuff” about Gawker’s Cayman’s tax haven and yet not seeing a post from you! Hurry back… as you make the day much more interesting.


  17. Bernardo says:

    Your pieces are timely, insightful and honest. You are missed. Come back man!
    PS – What the hell is going on with Reuters? It seems to much ado about a hacking of a simple opinion section.

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