Extra Credit, Sunday Edition

My Manhattan Project: The first-person story of Mike Osinski, whose software fuelled the mortgage-securitization boom.

TR thoughts on ticket re-sellers / scalping: Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails explains the economics of concert tickets.

Huffington Post launches journalism venture: Arianna and her friends are putting $1.75 million into investigative reporting. It’s unclear whether the operation expects any revenues, or if it does where they’re going to come from.

Hedge Fund Regulation Doesn’t Matter:

An Artificial Operational Due Diligence Floor: It’s important that hedge-fund regulation not give investors a false sense of security. Its main purpose is to look out for systemic risk, not ponzis.

More Evidence of Volcker Being Marginalized

South Park – Stan Marsh takes us through the mortgage crisis: Very well done.

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