Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

Dalmady to Stanford International Bank: Show Me The Money! Alex Dalmady comes right out and says that the $8 billion doesn’t exist. Right now, I’m inclined to agree with him: I asked the Stanford spokesman this afternoon if he was sticking by his press release saying that SIB has $8 billion in assets, and he said that he’d have to call me back. He never did.

Related: SIB failed to deliver a $62 million check it had promised to fund the acquisition of Emageon. Emageon stock fell 44% on the news.

Almost 700 Merrill executives paid $1m-plus bonuses: The top four recipients took in a combined $121 million. But hey, look at the money they made for shareholders. Or, you know, don’t.

Bad news from the pasta-industrial complex: Yet another leading indicator, but at least this one’s tasty.

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  1. fgdf says:

    The world’s top luxury brands.sexy,gorgeous,fun.

    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

  2. Brandywine says:

    Super informaitve writing; keep it up.

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