Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

Automakers Seek $14 Billion More in Aid: And will surely seek more still, in a couple more months, if they get this now.

Bill Moyers interviews Simon Johnson: Video here.

Investors caught as regulators swoop on Stanford: The game was up last week already: "A client whose $250,000 CD matured on Feb. 9 could not get the money out."

College crush: "90 percent of high-school students are told by their high-school counselors that they ought to go to college." For a huge number of them, this is a lie.

What I learned listening to Larry Kudlow: Krugman becomes a fully-paid-up member of the CNBC-haters-on-CNBC club.

Recovery.gov: Is live.

On moving Valentine’s Day to stimulate the economy: If it were on the second Wednesday of every February, then restaurant revenues would rise. Even at PF Chang’s, the least romantic restaurant in the world.

Opinion Laundering: A phrase which should enter the general demotic, and a phenomenon for which everybody should be on the lookout.

The Case for Free Transit: From Yglesias. Avent glosses.

NY Times article skimmer: A great way to rediscover the serendipity of the newspaper.

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  1. fgdf says:

    The world’s top luxury brands.sexy,gorgeous,fun.

    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

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