Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Wells Fargo’s Equity Pumped Up by Squishy Asset: "Exclude the servicing rights and Wells’s price-to-tangible-book ratio soars to about 4.3 times", compared to 1.2 for JPMorgan.

AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image: Talk about tone-deafness. First the silly blogfight, and now this? AP is in desperate need of some new lawyers who understand what century they’re in.

Joint faculty letter to President Reinharz: Brandeis’s faculty isn’t happy about the decision to shutter the Rose.

Economic Know-Nothingism: Dan Gross examines the Republican side of the stimulus debate.

Duh diligence: "Their due diligence process was, essentially, ‘are you a decent chap? If not, do you at least write with the letters all sort of wiggly?’"

Look out Marketwatch says equities are the new bird flu: This headline sat atop the Marketwatch homepage for over an hour today.

Songsmith fed with Stock Charts: Yes, really.

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    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

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