Extra Credit, Sunday Edition

GM to Offer Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More Aid: And if it gets the "more aid", it’ll surely be back for yet more later. This risks becoming the bottomless bailout.

Do Androids Dream of Apple-Blackberry Crumble? The demise of the iPhone, and Apple.

Time to short Jenny Craig? Yes, poor people tend to be fatter. But having less money might yet make you thinner.

Stanford’s Bank Curtails Financing for Elandia as U.S. Probes. Spot the sourcing potshots:

Stanford Group Co., an affiliate of the bank, is under investigation by the SEC and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, according to people familiar with the matter who declined to be identified because they didn’t want to put their jobs at risk.

Stanford’s operations are also being probed by the FBI, the Wall Street Journal reported, without citing anyone.

Well, technically the WSJ cited "two people close to the inquiry", but maybe there’s a difference between that and "people familiar with the matter".

Related: Antigua PM fears Stanford probe will hurt island.

Conversations: Ben Stein: This video advertorial for the NYT has to be seen to be believed. Apparently Stein’s boat is in this picture. And does anybody want to suggest a caption for this?


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    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


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