Welcome to the Atlantic’s Business Channel

Finance, it would seem, is hot these days. Four months after Slate launched its spin-off finance site, The Big Money, the Atlantic has followed suit, with its own business channel. Like TBM, there’s lots of green in the color scheme (green=money, geddit?); the main difference would seem to be that the Atlantic’s site is slightly bloggier and wonkier, while Slate’s site tries to appeal to a more generalist audience.

The good news is that both spin-offs now serve up full RSS feeds. That’s in contrast, interestingly enough, to the feeds at the main Slate site.

And the better news is that the Atlantic has managed to persuade Tyler Cowen to contribute to its new business channel; his first entry there makes some important points about the downside of bank nationalizations.

With any luck, this growing proliferation of professionally-run finance sites (see also: Clusterstock, Seeking Alpha, and more that are in the works) will boost the demand for business and finance content across the board, as well as provide some much-needed cash for many of the best bloggers out there. Memo to the Atlantic: get in touch with Abnormal Returns, there’s definitely a mutually-beneficial deal to be done.

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