Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Citi, Senators Reach Mortgage Deal: It’s sad but necessary that the banks need to sign on to any plan which allows mortgages to get included in bankruptcy proceedings. It’s promising that Citi has done so.

The 12 Most Important Cars of 2009: Zero from GM, one from Chrysler. And that one’s dubious.

Financial Modelers’ Manifesto

Geithner’s Track Record Cuts Two Ways: According to the WSJ, Geithner "clashed" with Paulson over Frannie.

Why Don’t Newspapers Do a Better Job of Advertising? The NYT, for one, should blow its own trumpet more effectively.

Bullshit Promises: When your bank lays out certain terms and then decrees, in the small print, that it can change those terms unilaterally. A useful coinage.

Economic Headlines Stretch Limits of Imagination: A great screengrab.

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  1. fgdf says:

    The world’s top luxury brands.sexy,gorgeous,fun.

    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

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