Extra Credit, Sunday Edition

Expand transfers, not credit: Steve Waldman on why "we ought to phase out banks as we’ve known them since before Bagehot’s time".

Flat N All That: The best part of Thomas Friedman coming out with a new book is that Matt Taibbi is bound to review it.

Real Wages Soar and Nobody Notices

Madoff’s fund may not have made a single trade

Keeping a CDS clearinghouse in perspective: "A central clearinghouse will only clear standardized single-name and index CDS" — as opposed to the kinds of CDS which brought down AIG.

New York Times Co. in Talks With Carlos Slim on Preferred Stock Investment: I’m sure Slim has dreams of control, there’s no other reason why he’d do this.

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    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

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