Extra Credit, Monday Edition

Everything You Wanted to Know about Credit Default Swaps–but Were Never Told: A long overdue piece.

Aid Watch: Bill Easterly’s new blog.

Another View: A More Radical Plan for Bank Stability: Peter Solomon’s plan sounds like nationalization, even if he doesn’t use the word.

CIFG terminates $12 bln in CDS on risky assets: And gets a new set of owners in doing so.

How economists analyze the stimulus: Kling on Murphy and DeLong.

Just Plane Despicable: The NY Post’s understandable headline on a story about Citigroup paying $50 million for a new corporate jet — from France, no less!

Discontinued: Brooks Brothers Folds Fifth Ave Store

Ken Lewis in Black and White: How his dot portrait has evolved this month.

Senate Confirms Geithner as Treasury Secretary: By 60 to 34.

Stock-Surfing the Tsunami: New York magazine rediscovers day-traders. Now with added ETFs!

Get Ready To Block ‘N Roll: On the floor of the NYSE. The perfect place to "rock to live music"!

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  1. fgdf says:

    The world’s top luxury brands.sexy,gorgeous,fun.

    for a woman,Exudes a fatal attraction


    all in there.

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