Bank Capitalization Chart of the Day


Here are the capitalizations of the biggest banks in the world: the blue circles dark blue bars correspond to how much they were worth in the second quarter of 2007, while the green circles light blue bars are the capitalizations as of yesterday. (I’ve updated the chart since this blog entry was first posted; see below for details.) The second circle from the left on the top row (RBS) does honestly have a tiny green circle — it’s just hard to see at this scale. Click for a bigger version.

Update: Alphaville had this earlier, and says that JP Morgan might be fudging things a little.

Update 2: Oh dear, my commenters are right and I am blind: JP Morgan here made the unforgivable error of making the diameter, not the area, of the circles correspond to the market capitalization. I’ve replaced the chart with a much better one from Matthew Turner. Apologies to all, and many thanks to Matt.

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