Tanta, RIP

The blogosphere has lost one of its greats.

As Tanta’s prolific partner, Bill McBride, explains, it was cancer which brought Doris Dungey into blogging, and it is cancer which has taken her from us all, at the cruelly young age of 47. Well done to the NYT for giving her a proper and prominent obituary, despite all the devastating shells she fired at the paper over the past couple of years.

No one — no one — was a better writer on the subject of mortgages than Tanta, and I hope that her blog entries are studied in journalism school for many years to come. I hope too that Bill is putting them all in one place, where they can be easily accessed by anybody seeking enlightenment (in more ways than one) as to what exactly this housing crash was all about. There aren’t nearly enough of those entries, but they are invaluable all the same.

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