Extra Credit, Monday Edition

$75 Billion Needlessly Lost in Hasty Lehman Bankruptcy Filing? Yves Smith debunks.

Tyler Cowen, Paul Krugman, and the right time to have a financial crisis: Justin Fox adjudicates; Mark Thoma and Barbara Kiviat add commentary.

Is There Really a Credit Crunch? Kiviat adjudicates.

The yield curve (wonkish): Krugman says we should take no solace in an upward-sloping curve.

Gaming in Dark Pools: Can the players trust their counterparties?

Richard Neutra, Architect: You might recall that Christie’s $16.8 million sale of the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs in May fell through. Well, as we move into 2009, the house is still for sale, having found no takers at $12.975 million.

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