Adventures in Shopping, Black Friday Edition

Free Exchange reads LiveJournal:

so we left around 11. About half an hour into the drive, we hit traffic. Thinking their must be an accident up ahead or something else going on, we pateintly waited, but the traffic never ended and we didn’t arrive at the outlet mall until 12:45… We finally found a space and at about 1:30 am, we began shopping… There were literally lines to get into stores and once inside, the line wove around the store and finally through the register. There was so trying on. No browsing. You just got in the line on the outside of the store, walked through the store in line and picked up the items you wanted and proceeded through the check out. Every store that we wanted to go in, my mom said was too crowded… We went to Pac Sun and it took us over 2 hours to get through that store. My feet, legs and back were killing me, but everything in there was 50% off.

We ended up getting home around 6 and my sister and neice headed to the mall and Target…

Well, what did you do to fight the recession this weekend?

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