Extra Credit, Friday Edition

Berkshire Hathaway Profit Falls 77% to $1.06 Billion: Oof. And the reinsurances losses attributable to hurricanes Ike and Gustav, along with some other natural catastrophes, added up to only $186 million. There were much bigger losses attributable to the fact that Berkshire’s been writing credit protection on junk bonds.

Wall Street Lays Another Egg: The best 10,000-word popular history of the financial bubble that you’re likely to read.

A Dreadful Jobs Report Recalls the 1980s

Why Larry Summers could be a good Treasury Secretary: John Gapper. Dean Baker begs to differ.

Geithner and Lehman Brothers: Did he really oppose letting Lehman fail?

Fed Stonewalling on Giving Details About Collateral Accepted for Loans

October’s budget deficit bigger than the deficit for all of 2007

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