When Bloggers Debate

On November 2, the Economist is returning to the magnificent Gotham Hall for its debate series, part of its Off the Page weekend of events. The first debate features bloggers Clive Crook and Will Wilkinson attacking the idea of corporate social responsibility. Here’s how the website anticipates what they’re going to say:

They argue that corporate social responsibility efforts encroach on what should be the proper business of government; that CSR is a sideshow; and that it involves playing with other people’s money–a hot topic in today’s stressed global markets.

The friendly chaps at the Economist have given me a pair of tickets to give away; your choice of this debate or any of the other events of the weekend. The winner is the person who finds the piece of writing by either Crook or Wilkinson (it doesn’t need to be a blog entry) which would be most embarrassing to them in this debate.

If you leave a comment here, or put up your own blog entry in response, make sure to email me as well so I know how to get in touch with you: I don’t have access to the email addresses collected by the comments system. You have til Monday; I’m anticipating a very small response to this contest, so there’s a good chance that just about any entry will win.

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