Information Overload Datapoint of the Day

The Dow swung 780 points between its low point and high point just in the first hour of trading this morning. This is a crazy market, and it’s overloading the information systems: here’s a screencap I took just now, from the Yahoo Finance home page.


I don’t think there was any point this morning when the Dow was down 8% but the S&P 500 was flat. But what do I know, anything’s possible in this market. Certainly I don’t think you’re going to see many days where the y-axis on those home page mini charts spans 2,000 Dow points. Makes today’s fluctuations seem positively modest!

Update: Eddy Elfenbein notes that my screenshot was taken at 10:10am on 10/10. Which was the exact same minute, hour, day, and month of the market low in 2002. And the same day and month as the market low in 1990, too.

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