Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

30-year Swaps: Look’s like we’ve got a bad transmittor: More craziness in the fixed-income markets.

Chartgame.com: How good are you at technical analysis?

Running A Country Can’t Be All That Difficult: Paul Wilmott thinks that butlers and footmen should be tax-deductible.

Threatening letters with white powder sent to banks: Come on, people. This is not helpful.

PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Portfolio: Is down again.

Committee Holds Hearing on the Credit Rating Agencies and the Financial Crisis: Lots of juicy stuff here; Kedrosky has some excerpts.

The Worldwide Centers of Commerce Emerging Markets Index: Of the top emerging-market cities. The program director, Michael Goldberg, answers my question about BRIC correlation here.

Finally, check out Henry Blodget’s comment here. Apparently executives did change their email habits thanks to him — "for about five minutes". People never learn.

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