Extra Credit, Sunday Edition

Those stupid bankers and their stupid stupidity: Dsquared on why blaming people is a little bit silly.

Now do something about the interbank market – directly: Willem Buiter on how central banks can bring down Libor.

Libor to Decline on Liquidity Programs, Gross Says: To 2.65% within "weeks".

U.S. Bank Plan Hits Snag in Rules: Treasury’s capital might not be Tier 1. But why isn’t Tier 2 good enough?

Grantham: Stocks May Fall Another 50%, But Still Time To Buy

I sing the praises of financial innovation: And, in the comments, explain the problems with buy-and-hold investing.

Bernanke Is Fighting the Last War: Says Anna Schwarz, who actually remembers it.

The Case (Against) The Case For Debt

Where is my swap line? And will the diffusion of financial power Balkanize the global response to a broadening crisis? Explaining the Fed’s unlimited swap line with Europe’s central banks. "If they didn’t have access to dollar financing, they would either have to borrow euros and buy dollars – pushing the dollar up (and hurting US exporters) or they would have to dump their US assets (hurting US banks holding similar assets)."

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