Extra Credit, Friday Afternoon Edition

Paulson & Co. Scores Again This Year: His three main funds are up between 15% and 25% this year.

FIG vs SHLD vs GS vs GLRE: The hedge-fund plays. If you’re down 40% in the past three months, that’s pretty much par for the course.

The Futile Quest for “Capitulation”: Yet another case of technical-analysis pseudopsychology going mainstream.

Sotheby’s 8-K: "In October 2008, the Company held an autumn sales series in Hong Kong and a sale of Contemporary Art in London… As a result of certain of the guaranteed property failing to sell or selling for less than the minimum guaranteed price, the Company incurred a principal loss of approximately $15 million (pre-tax)."

Bad Times for Banks Mean Boom Times for Credit Unions: But they’re increasingly reliant on finite wholesale funding, since there’s not much indication their deposit base is rising much if at all.

Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself: Anybody offering to do it for you is likely trying to pull a fast one.

The Meltdown (Part IV): "Pouring money into these banks, expecting they’ll turn around and lend to small businesses and Main Streets, is like pouring water into a dry sponge."

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