Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

Platform Blogging: Do the Republicans think that WWII cost less than the Iraq war?

Wile E. Coyote Won’t Make Mark on South Korea

You Must Remember This? KKR Hopes Not: "During 2007, when KFN lost $100 million, its managers made incentive fees of $17.5 million."

Purdue student trades for his tuition:

"Glen Bradford’s investment strategy pays off" is the subhed. Which is true, if by "pays off" you understand that his cash exits have been at a loss, while his gains are paper-only and mark-to-market.

Would I lie to you? "When asked if they’ve engaged in a list of immoral behaviors in the previous week, only 1 percent of evangelicals reported that they had lied! Nope, I can’t see any problem with that statistic."

Piratery Corp Inc Third Quarter Update Call: "Our rapin guidance remains at 3000, while we still be full of hope that our comely wench fleet will finish the year end at 2500 with an average useful life of 3 years. Now, bring on these questions you blubberin’ backwater bastard buggerers!!!"

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