Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

A nation of morons, led by idiots

Nomura buys Lehman’s Euro assets: "Nomura expects to retain a ‘significant proportion’ of Lehman’s roughly 2,500 employees at the businesses, of which about 1,500 are employed in London."

WaMu’s fate could be sealed over weekend

The Family Foresight Thought Experiment: How can you preserve capital for a hundred years? I’d ask the Rothschilds, they seem to be rather good at it.

About Those Hundreds of Thousands of Lost Laptops at Airports: As ever, if a statistic doesn’t pass the smell test, it’s probably not true.

"No Shorting. Well, Except For You. Ok, You Too, I Guess.": "This, of course, is the problem with hasty rules squeezed off to quiet the rambunctious third graders quickly."

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