Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

The K-T Boundary: The best thing yet written on the future of investment banking. Read it.

Lehman v Argentina: It looks like Argentina has finally been overtaken as the Biggest Bond Default Ever.

Who Replaces AIG in the Dow? How about the Fed? Realistically, it has to be Google.

Competing Tax Plans: Two Perspectives

Merrill’s Thain, Aides May Get $200 Million for Year

Barclays – Lehman Deal Marks Bottom of Credit Crunch Panic: "Lehman shares soared 9.00% on the news to $0.2276 per share and the rising tide of confidence that the assets in the opaque portfolios of financial firms are more of a Polonium-210-slow-and-painful kind of toxicity instead of the quick-and-violent lethality of sodium cyanide rallied firms like Washington Mutual (WM) up a whopping 19.50% to $2.39, its highest point in the preceding 10 minutes. The news also boosted the second derivative of AIG’s stock price."

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