Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

Demand and Price Are Falling for Lobster: Not many foods you can say that about.

Need proof of racial profiling in credit card offers? Ask Rich Aguirre. "The credit card offers come to his Arizona home in both English and Spanish — but the terms are dramatically different. English mail offers 9.99 percent interest rates and $5,000 credit limits while the Spanish language offers are for up to $500 with 19.99 percent or higher interest rates plus $100 in annual fees."

And They Could Call It Frannie: Andrew Ross Sorkin on a possible merger between Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac. Or something like that. Barry Ritholtz calls it "an idea so powerfully bad, ill conceived, and poorly thought out, it has precisely zero chance of occurring". I never suspected he was so naive.

Souren Melikian Is Not Impressed: And ties himself up in knots talking about how a painting can be "the victim of its extraordinary quality".

A Talk With: Damien Hirst: He’s more influenced by galleries than by artists. Which maybe explains why he’s so willing to circumvent them.

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