Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Quote of the Day: Cristina Kirchner takes understandable pleasure in Lehman’s misfortunes.

Counting the Cash for Lehman’s Chief: "Between 1993 and 2007, Mr. Fuld took home about $466 million in compensation, including base salary, bonuses, long-term incentive plan payouts and the value of stock options he exercised."

Tracking Lehman’s Wikipedia Edits Thru Current Crisis

This Time, WaMu May Have To Say Yes To Chase

Street Firms Accused of Tax Scheme: A blatant tax-avoidance scheme by Citi, Lehman, and others.

Heebner Hedge Fund Targets $5 Billion With Lure of Top Returns: The advantage of his hedge fund over his mutual fund? Higher fees, natch.

CDS Implied Ratings: Fitch demonstrates that its own credit ratings are a lagging indicator.

Dismal scientists: Just as well we’re not all economists.

Curbed University: Buy v. Rent, Game On: Featuring an IMterview with me.

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