Another Econoblog Ranking

This is linkbait of the highest order: yet another ranking of econoblogs. But to celebrate my 3,000th blog entry (it’s actually up to 3,011 now) I’ll pat myself on the back by linking to it anyway.

I’m astonished to find myself in fourth place, ahead of giants like Mark Thoma, Barry Ritholtz, Calculated Risk, and Brad DeLong — not to mention Freakonomics, which is easily the top-ranked econoblog by technorati ranking. I’m also ranked one of the easiest econoblogs to read, using the Gunning-Fog readability index.

And congratulations to Zubin, whose blog ranks above the WSJ’s Real Time Economics, and whose blog entry on Wal-Mart is up to 314 comments and counting.

But if you read just one post of Zubin’s today, make it this one, on prediction markets:

A recent paper by Paul Tetlock of Columbia University finds that more liquid prediction markets are associated with less efficient outcomes, a.k.a., wrong predictions.

I’m not surprised.

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