Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

Disclosure? I Call B.S.: If you knew exactly what was going to happen to CDOs back in 2006, you still wouldn’t have been able to calculate the effect on the banks.

Have Economic Debates Changed Since 1977? A very funny list of economic objections from George Stigler. My favorite: "21. The central argument is not only a tautology, it is false."

Blog World Financial Blogger Panel: I’m on it, do let me know if you’re going to be in Vegas on September 20.

Help us, Phil Plait, you’re our only hope! A masterful debunking of Olympic star-sign bollocks.

Calling The Bottom Of Calling The Bottom Of The Real Estate Market

In Vino Veritas: Former UBS Banker Starts Wine Fund: Which charges 2-and-20, natch. One feels it would be easier, cheaper, and more rewarding just to buy a few cases for oneself.

The Future of Crossing the Street: Maybe we can all just get along!

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