Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

U.S. Sees Biggest GDP Gain out of Major Seven OECD Countries: Which probably says more about the usefulness (or otherwise) of GDP as an indicator than it does about the relative health of the OECD nations.

Quiz Question: Financial Services in Inc 5000: Who are these fast-growing financial-services companies?

Consumer Inflation: What Do Alternate Measures Say, and Why

Nonfeasance in Financial Oversight: The government was charged with regulating real-estate appraisers. Did it? One hardly needs to ask.

Self-sufficiency in food: always and everywhere a bad, bad idea

The Future of Cars: An insight from Ryan Avent: "Technology is likely to blur the lines between transit and driving".

Fictitious restaurant wins Wine Spectator Award of Excellence

Googlebits: Does Google really account for 0.7% of GDP?

Rhenium: Son Of Moly: Yet more on the polyvalent transition metal of the day.

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