Extra Credit, Thursday Edition

Information and energy: "On any plausible estimate of the properties of demand, the benefits of ever-cheaper and more plentiful information will far outweigh the costs of less carbon-intensive energy."

Stephen Schwarzman’s Smart Hedge-Fund Acquisition: It’s GSO. And he paid in stock.

Summers on economic dog days: "One thing is clear: his solution would involve many, many words with many, many syllables. And plenty of frameworks."

Why I Don’t Like Ultra Shorts: They don’t behave like they’re meant to.

Hiroshima Day: "I’m not saying it was wrong. I don’t know for certain that it was wrong. I wouldn’t have thought that humanity could make it this far without using atomic weapons again. All I can say is that if it had been me, I wouldn’t have done it."

Rich People Rooftops NYC: On Flickr.

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