Extra Credit, Sunday Bonus Edition

A Response to the Gates Foundation Memo: Stephen Landsburg lays into the "creative capitalists".

I Heart Adam Smith: He groks all the contradictions in the nexus between wealth and happiness.

Riches to Rags: "Phillips believes the agony of the American consumer is a function of ‘the global crisis of American capitalism.’ But he’s got it backward. We’re experiencing the first American crisis of global capitalism."

The latest moves in the market for marriage law: How Massachussets, California, etc, compete.

What to Do When Your Fancy ETF Goes R.I.P.: And a response from Greg Newton.

The Economists Are Wrong; Bush Nominal Record Deficit Is Indeed Important: "The administration previously projected a $500 billion deficit, but it has never dared talk about $600 or $700 billion. Doing that now would have set off a political firestorm and possibility created the U.S. equivalent of the peasants storming the castle with pitchforks."

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