Extra Credit, Monday Afternoon Edition

Explaining the brokers Part I: Why are brokers’ balance sheets so huge?

The root of all evil? The harmful effects of money.

Non-existent fees and the ephemeral nature of trading profits: A glimpse at what dsquared does in his day job.

Fish Food For Thought: "All too often it seems like if the market makes a move at 11 AM or whatever, someone appears to just go to a newswire and pick one story that came out right before that and just declares causality. But there’s another factor at play too imho, Strict Observance of the Sacred Narrative. If the narrative is that the market moves inverse to oil (despite evidence that there is not a particularly strong correlation), then any time a market drop coincides with an oil pop, bam, we have our Market Driver of the Day."

Day of the Crocodile: Peter Godwin on Mugabe and Zimbabwe.

Time Warp: We miss the HedgeWorld staffers already; they’re victims, I think, of the Thomson Reuters merger.

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