Carl Icahn: Hitting His Stride

It famously took four months for Carl Icahn to even start blogging, after announcing the launch of the Icahn Report in February. So the fact that he now seems to be getting into his stride after only two months is probably heartening. His latest blog entry, an attack on a WSJ op-ed by UCLA law professor Lynn Stout, is nearly everything that blogging should be: heartfelt, pointed, opinionated, substantive.

I’m sure that pretty soon, thanks to the arrival of Dane Hamilton, Carl will start allowing himself hyperlinks and will manage to reply to these kind of articles within 24 hours rather than within two weeks. Eventually, he might even start replying to other bloggers, rather than just to articles in the WSJ. Although I’m not holding my breath on that one. Billionaires tend to be averse to consorting with the little people.

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