Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

S&P 500: Closed today at 1,261.52. The all-time high is 1,576.09, which puts official bear market territory at 1,260.87. Less than a point away!

Personal economics in three easy pictures: "Our dollars earn very little interest sitting in an account at home, and they can earn 7 or 8 percent a year just by being traded into RMB. "

Pervasive Pollyannas of Prosperity

Your Creditor is Silently Juding You: By using your purchase history to help determine your credit line.

My $650,100 Lunch with Warren Buffett

Online study groups: Threat or menace?

JPMorgan Chase Accidentally Breaks Into Your House And Steals Everything You Own: "After the Dickson’s bought the house back in May, the foreclosure proceedings were supposed to have been stopped. They weren’t."

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