Extra Credit, Tuesday Edition

Wine connoisseurs – I call them cons: The real lesson of the Judgment of Paris isn’t that California wines were better than French wines. It’s that wine tasters, when they’re really tasting blind, are clueless.

How Good Is The Mainstream Media At Linking Out? Not great, obvs, but yes the more you link out, the more links back in you get in return.

Emerging markets: hedge or diversifier? Great points from Abnormal Returns: It makes sense to diversify, even when correlations go to 1.

From Good to Great … to Below Average Management books are nearly all dreadful.

Paying too much attention to the price of gasoline

A Modest Proposal: Eco-Friendly Stimulus: Alan Blinder proposes federal "Cash for Clunkers".

And finally, Antony Currie needs a shave.

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