Spectator Business

A quick plug for Specator Business, a brand-new magazine that’s just launched in the UK. Its blog, Trading Floor, features the very smart Tim Worstall, and the magazine proper is full of smart columns from the like of my old student newspaper colleague Fraser Nelson. Oh, and I’m in it, too. A taster:

Dimon, at this point, is seen not so much as the successor to Sandy Weill, but more as the heir to John Pierpont Morgan himself, he who stepped in to save the day during the panic of 1907. It’s a role which should by rights have been played by Hank Paulson, the man who stepped down as chief executive of Goldman Sachs to take over as Secretary of the US Treasury. But Paulson has generally been seen as being one step behind the curve, a man who would always prefer to talk the markets around rather than actually do something. Dimon, by contrast, has said relatively little over the course of the past few months, but his actions have spoken very loudly indeed.

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