Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

Stocks Don’t Like Obama: Kudlow descends into self-parody. "This idea of rewarding work instead of wealth is just insane"!

Stein’s law, China edition … What can not go on forever: "Chinese exports are still expanding by about $250b a year. For reference, total Chinese exports in 2000 were only about $250b a year. $250b is a big number."

How is the housing bust like Hillary Clinton’s campaign? "Here’s a rule of thumb: When someone starts to blame the media for their own miseries, it means the game is over, they know they’ve lost, and now they’re just trying to avoid taking the heat by spreading collateral damage as far as possible."

Co-operative Bank boycotts funds over human rights: No money for SWFs from lefty banks.

The Baseball Game That Won’t End: Please let this mark the end of facile baseball metaphors.

And finally,

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