Extra Credit, Sunday Edition

Cable’s paper: Will Cablevision buy Newsday? Maybe: "They haven’t been able to agree with their board on more than one offer to take their company private; it’s almost as if they hope that a newspaper would be dead weight sufficient to lower the price of the empire so they could finally buy it."

67,024+ Pages of the US Tax Code vs Transparency: The myriad of US tax deductions end up reducing tax collection by over 30%. I’d note that the UK income tax system is much more transparent, which I suspect has something to do with the difference between a parliamentary system and one with a separate executive and legislature.

All Streets: In the USA.

Subprime RMBS: Expected Credit Losses vs Mark to Market Losses

Flock of Black Swans: ‘What the index makers are really saying is "we can’t model what we said we were going to model, because we’ve never seen it before, in all 7 years or our index’s existence."’

Improve the Real Estate Market, Make Mortgages Out of Corn

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