Extra Credit, Friday Edition

Delta-Northwest: Wall Street’s $80 Million Fee Bonanza: Morgan Stanley’s getting $42 million in fees on a $3 billion merger. I guess some people are getting rich in the airline industry. It’s the first time any bank has got more than $40 million in fees for any deal worth less than $10 billion.

Dear Mr Activist… …and the reply.

Economics: Which Way for Obama? Cassidy on Thaler, Sunstein, and other Obama advisors. Wilkinson responds.

A chart for the corporation-bashers among you: Personal vs corporate taxes, 1929-2007.

Victim Complex: Coping With Bike Theft: "It’s probably a good idea to treat your bike like a stripper. Enjoy it but don’t get too attached, put a few bucks into it now and again, and just shrug and move on when it takes up with someone else."

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