Lawrence Niren Reappears as a Pig

Convicted fraudster Lawrence Niren still hasn’t given up: I just received another fabulously crazy email from him, calling me an "egomaniac liar" and saying that his fake bid for Gold Fields wasn’t fake at all:

For your information the Gold Fields was a real deal.

It only died because Gold Fields was so frightened

when they saw our documents that they leaked the story

to Bloomberg who ruined the deal for us before we even had a chance to finalize it. You media people are just

incredible! You simply have no interest in the truth,

and you are obsessed with lying and printing nothing

but negative untrue articles about people.

Niren goes by many names, foremost among them Theodore Roxford. I will give him credit for his ability to come up with new names: his alias for the Gold Fields bid was Edward Pastorini, which Helen Thomas worked out to be an anagram of "Top Insider Award".

As for the email I got today, which was signed "LN", it ostensibly came from one "Arnold Ziffel". Which turns out to be the name of a sitcom pig. Nice.

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