Extra Credit, Wednesday Edition

Global CDO Issuance: CRASH !!!

International financial system was close to the brink – Credit Suisse ex-CEO

Weighing a McCain Economist: He looks like "the least fiscally conservative candidate still in the race".

The homeownership ideology: "Only an ideologue would view homeownership as an end in itself. One of the reasons that millions of families face foreclosure and/or the loss of their life savings is that the ideologues of homeownership continued to promote homeownership even when it was clear that buying a home would be financially detrimental."

Arson to avoid foreclosure?

Funkalimination: Inside the mind of Fred Wilson: "I am on jury duty the next couple days and really enjoying the time off."

Hard times ahead as porn goes soft? "Veterans of the porn trade are edgy about the downturn. A generation ago, they recall, when authorities cracked down on ‘Deep Throat’ and closed many of the porn palaces, the country promptly fell into a serious recession."

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