Extra Credit, Monday Edition

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Crowdsourcing Experiment: Questions for Buffett and Munger.

The Difference Between WordPress and Facebook, As Usual Google Is The King Dog. How Big Is Google? Here’s Another Measure: "As best as I can tell, Google sells more advertising than any company in the world."

The Conference Room: How You Get Fired In Finance: "Subject: Hey, do you have a minute? Either come to my office or we can meet in a conference room." It’s all you need to know. You’re fired.

Credit cards a bright spot for BofA: People don’t seem to be defaulting on their credit cards, yet.

Clayton Christensen thinks we suffer from a medical symptom shortage: Justin Fox says that Christensen says that there’s new medical technology which could actually reduce healthcare costs. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Oil, Migrants and Santa Anna: A good backgrounder on the depths of feeling against any kind of oil privatization in Mexico.

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