Extra Credit, Friday Edition

The NYT Discovers High-Priced Textbooks, but Misses Cause Baker responds to the NYT editorial board; so does Krugman.

The science of buying a home: "We picked a neighborhood that we liked a lot, we found the house that we liked the most within this neighborhood, then we offered to buy it for $10,000 less than the asking price. I think that the owners of that house could have asked for $100,000 more or $100,000 less than their current price and we would have still offered them just a bit less than their asking price."

McCain and His Money: "The McCains are a stellar portrait of Republican wealth: They’ve inherited money and managed it well while generating commissions for stock brokers and real-estate agents."

Our Take: Not Fade Away: Advice for people wanting a job as a Wall Street analyst: they should ask themselves "Am I as vigorous, as emotionally engaged, and as technically proficient and comfortable in my professional specialty, as Jagger, Richards, Wood and Watts?". On second thoughts, who wants to be a Wall Street analyst, anyway?

Markets in Everything? Why it’s hard to set up a secondary market in auction-rate securities.

Oxymoron du Jour: Gung-ho Risk Manager

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