Tech Salary Datapoint of the Day

Jeff Bewkes is cutting back:

Time Warner, seeking to cut costs and streamline operations, plans to split off AOL’s Internet access business from its Web site and online advertising business and cut 100 jobs at its corporate unit, the company’s new chief executive, Jeffrey L. Bewkes, said Wednesday…

Mr. Bewkes’s plan to lay off 100 people is expected to save $50 million at the corporate unit.

It seems that the net cost of those 100 people at the "corporate unit", whatever that might be, is half a million bucks apiece; one assumes most of that is salary, and possibly substantially more, if those people provide any value at all. What’s more, "corporate unit" executives generally come with support staff; if support staff are included in the 100-people headcount, then one can assume that pretty much all the laid-off executives were making seven-figure salaries.

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