News Corp’s Cutest Board Member

Natalie Bancroft

"I’m not just some idiotic girl in piggytails yodeling," says Natalie Bancroft in an interview for the March issue of Portfolio, who was photographed by João Canziani. "I’m working my little butt off."

The daughter of Joyce Bancroft, a Dutch-Brazilian model, and Hugh Bancroft III, a Formula Two racecar driver, Natalie grew up splitting her time between Southern California, France, and Switzerland.

It’s worth mentioning that Natalie only got the job because the Bancroft family was so dysfunctional that it missed its deadline for nominating a family member to the News Corp board.

So unruly were the talks that the family missed an initial 30-day deadline under which it was permitted to nominate its own candidate for News Corp.’s approval, thereby contractually ceding the choice to Dow Jones’s prospective owner, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

The Portfolio photo editor tells me the full image is even better: go buy the magazine, when it hits your local newsstand, and see for yourself.

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