Extra Credit, Weekend Edition

Monolines: Breaking up is hard to do, yet Bond Insurer Plans a Split to Protect Ratings

Outdated Prices Blamed in Credit Suisse Error

Real Choices: Why TIPS are attractive even at low yields. But I’m not sure I like the methodology of using backward-looking inflation figures as a proxy for the future 10-year inflation rate.

Counterparty Risk in CDS contracts

U.K. Treasury Acquires

All Northern Rock Shares: Although it’s still far from clear how much shareholders will receive.

CBO Report: The Real Story: Nat Keohane defends cap-and-trade over a carbon tax. "If the amount of emissions has a predictable cost, then it makes sense to base policy on price. But this is not the case in a climate system subject to tipping points. If we exceed our "carbon budget", the costs could become astronomical."

Chasing the Neutral Rate Down: Financial Conditions, Monetary Policy, and the Taylor Rule: Pimco gives us 3,500 words – and quotes Ozzy Osbourne, no less – on why the Fed should cut rates.

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